Custom Channel Fabrications and Welded Combinations

Flex-Strut’s metal framing systems are available in multiple fabrications and welded combinations. Standard fabrications include Short Slots, Long Slots, Universal Slots, Holes, and Knockouts. We also specialize in providing custom diameter fabrications based on our customers’ needs. Similarly, Flex-Strut offers several variations of welded channel combinations. Channel combinations are made by spot welding or plug welding. Weld spacing is three inches (3") on center.

Most channel profiles are available in the following fabrications:

  • Short Slots (SS) – 9/16" x 1-1/8" slots, 2" on center
  • Long Slots (SL) – 13/32" x 3" slots, 4" on center
  • Universal Slots (US) – Alternating 9/16" and 13/32" slots, 2" on center
  • Holes (H) – 9/16" diameter holes, 1-7/8" on center
  • Knockouts (KO) – 7/8" diameter knockouts, 6" on center
  • Custom fabrications available upon request

Most channel profiles are available in the following welded combinations:

  • Back-to-Back
  • Side-to-Side
  • Back-to-Side
  • Other custom welded combinations available upon request