Concrete Inserts

Flex-Strut Concrete Inserts are the ideal solution for easily installed anchors to concrete foundations. Made from cold-rolled steel and available in Pre-Galvanized (PG), Hot-Dip Galvanized (HD), and Stainless Steel finishes (type 316 [ST6] or 304 [ST4]), our inserts are designed for high performance and reliability in every application throughout the construction and civil engineering industries.

Our inserts are easily installed without the dust, noise, or sparks of other anchoring methods. Easily removable plastic strips or Ethafoam filling prevent concrete from entering the channel during the pour, and twist-in strut nuts allow for adjustable anchoring positions along the channel.

Standard Concrete Inserts

Flex-Strut Spot Concrete Inserts and Continuous Concrete Inserts offer reliable load bearing capability with easy installation.

Spot inserts are ideal for single pipe-support or trapeze-style hangers with a maximum allowable load of 800 pounds when used with Flex-Strut FS-7025-1/2" insert square nuts or larger (sold separately). 1/4" and 3/8" square nuts also available upon request.

Continuous inserts can be installed in ceilings or walls for a variety of applications. Depending on the size of the product, our inserts offer maximum allowable loads from 800 pounds to 2,000 pounds per foot, and can be ordered in up to 20-foot lengths.


Heavy-Duty Concrete Inserts

When the job calls for heavy load, spot applications, such as curtain walls or glass/stone retention, our engineers can assist you in designing heavy-duty concrete inserts to meet your job requirements.

Our heavy-duty concrete inserts are Hot-Dip Galvanized and come complete with anchor end caps, plastic closure strip, and headed studs for a secure anchor to the concrete. Multiple stud lengths and diameters are available based on loading requirements. When properly embedded, our heavy-duty concrete inserts are ideal for a variety of heavy loads and small edge distance applications, including:

  • Curtain wall, brick, stone, and precast facades
  • Structural and architectural steel components
  • Mechanical and electrical services
  • Machine/asset anchoring
  • Elevator and escalator components